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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to talk to you on the phone, how do I reach you?

    • We generally organise all of our orders through our website online ordering, or if necessary via email, to ensure we have all the details of your order in writing. If you need to reach us by phone, please call (07) 3180 4878.

  • What are your store hours, and can I purchase something in store?

    • We do not have a shopfront with set opening hours.  We are a predominantly online "bake to order" business, so we bake orders fresh every day to ensure the highest quality for our customers.  

    • We are open for pickups and deliveries to be scheduled between 8am - 2pm Monday through Friday (mornings are preferred), and 8am - 12pm on Saturdays.  For deliveries, we need a minimum 2-hr period within those timeframes to book our courier service.

    • On Saturdays, we usually also bake & decorate extra cupcakes as our version of a "pop-up shop", for walk-in customers to come and enjoy one (or 10!) of our cupakes!  We prepare a variety of flavours that changes each week, so be sure to check us out between 8am - 12pm on Saturdays.

  • What kind of cupcakes do you make?

    • We make anything and everything! We can do anything from our basic cupcakes with our usual toppings to ridiculous, obscure custom ideas. From traditional wedding cupcakes to funky fresh birthday cupcakes, we can make anything imaginable. Trust me, we’ve heard it all!

  • What flavours do you have?

    • Our flavour list is available here.

  • What diets can you cater for?

    • We can generally cater for anything. We do have some flavour restrictions for various diets, depending on the ingredients needed to achieve certain flavours.
      Some examples we can cater for are:

      • Vegan

      • Gluten & Dairy-free

      • Soy-free

      • Egg-free

      • Nut-free

  • Do your products contain nuts?

    • We do use nuts in our kitchen, however not extensively so. Most of our recipes are nut-free anyway, however please let us know if you have a nut allergy so we can make every effort to minimise cross-contamination. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts.

  • What kind of fillings do you use?

    • All of our fillings/icings are made in-house. We use a Vegan icing for all our orders, which is lighter and not as sweet as some other types of icing.  And best of all, our customers tell us all the time that they LOVE it!

  • Can you do printed images on your cupcakes?

    • We sure can. Anything that can be printed on a regular home printer can be printed onto our icing paper using food-safe ink, to create perfect printed images. If you head to our online shop, these can be purchased as Branded Cupcakes (regular or bite size)!

  • Do you do cupcakes in different shapes, like numbers?

    • We don't sell cupcakes in particular shapes as we find they are too difficult to transport that way, however we can certainly make any shape, character, number, etc from icing or toppers to complement your choice of cupcakes or cake!

  • Can I have multiple flavours?

    • Sure! For regular cupcakes, we have a minimum of 6 per flavour or dietary requirement, and 12 per flavour / dietary requirement for our bite size cupcakes. 

  • Do you use fresh flowers?

    • We generally make our flowers out of buttercream or fondant, however can sometimes source flowers from our local florist if you’d prefer! Alternatively, if you’d like to order additional flowers from your florist when planning your event, we can use those on your cupcakes to ensure they match the rest of your event flowers!

  • What size are your cupcakes?

    • Our bite sized cupcakes are a little over 1.5" wide and roughly 1.5" tall (plus decorations). Our regular sized cupcakes are a little over 2.5" wide and roughly 2.5" tall.

  • Can I send in images of cupcakes I’d like to recreate?

    • Of course! If you have images you’ve found online or elsewhere, please send them in to us via email at We’d love to get a clearer idea of what you’d like, and images do that the simplest!

  • How far in advance should you order?

    • We generally advise you to place your order as soon as you know you need cupcakes. Ideally it's best to have your order confirmed a month out from your event for large orders, however we can do most orders with as little notice as 3 business days. We do sometimes take last minute orders (for example 500 cupcakes in 2 hours!) for cakes and cupcakes; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do that every time. If you require your order within this 3-day window, please send us an enquiry here.

  • How much are your cupcakes?

    • Our bite size cupcakes start at $2.75, and our regular size cupcakes start at $4.75. 

  • How should I store my cupcakes?

    • Our Cupcakes are best served at room temperature. For storage of regular cupcakes with or without toppers, these should go in the fridge overnight and left on the bench for 20-30 minutes prior to eating so they can get back to room temperature.  Be careful in Summer particularly to not leave them in a warm/sunny location as our delicious buttercream will melt.

  • What are your cancellation policies?

  • Do you do Cake Tastings?

    • We sure can. Shoot us an enquiry about these.

  • How do I make payment?

    • Payment can be made online with a credit card via our online ordering page.  Alternatively we can also accept EFT / OSKO payments, and our bank account details are inclued on our invoices.

  • Where are you located?

    • Our kitchen/shop is located at 47 Vulture St, West End, QLD (entrance is on the RH side of the building).

  • Do you deliver?

    • We sure do! We deliver in the greater Brisbane area. There is an additional fee which depends on your location. 

  • How should I travel with my cake?

    • Ideally, cakes and cupcakes should be placed in the footwell of the passenger side in the front, with the seat all the way back. Do not place them on the seat in case of sudden stops (those will go flying!). Keep the airconditioning on, particularly in the warmer months!

  • How long does  it take for you to respond to enquiries?

    • Depending on how busy we are, it can take us anywhere between 5 minutes to 1 business day to respond. We work as quickly as we can and will do our best to get your order or enquiry responded to asap!

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