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Wedding Cupcakes

Here comes the bride, here comes the wedding cake...

weddingCongratulations! Here at the Cupcake Parlour we specialise in creating for you the wedding cake you've always dreamed of. For your wedding we want our cupcakes to compliment your own individual finesse. Be it a delicious rosewater & pistachio or choc deluxe cake, the possibilities are endless. We can colour our vanilla buttercream any hue you desire, as well as offer our "mouth-watering" flavours almond, lemon, rosewater... we could go on and on... and we will! These cupcakes can come in bite size, regular or giant! We have a variety of different bases including vanilla, chocolate, marble, gooey fudge, gooey caramel, red velvet, apple, chocolate mud, white chocolate mud, wildberry, raspberry, choc hazelnut, carrot, banana, sticky date or peach & passion fruit. Too many to choose from, right?!

Not to worry! You're allowed to be fussy with us especially when it's to do with your big day!

Our cupcakes range in price - our regular design cupcakes (which include over 50 different flavours!!) are $4.25 each or $48 per dozen. Bite size are $2 each from our standard range and giant cupcakes start from $65.00 We also make custom made cupcakes to suit your colour scheme and theme. These start at $4.50 each and go to $7.50 depending on the design and decorations. We have a huge range of examples in our 'custom cupcake gallery'. 

Like one icing design but like the decorations from another? Anything is possible with us! Send us your ideas or a picture and we can give you a quote. We also make top cakes for the top of tiers - these start at $65 and we have a range of tiers for hire or purchase. We have reusable cardboard tiers in a variety of colours for $15 each and a range of metal designs for hire at $10 each with a refundable bond of $50 - these can be used if there is no top cake. We also have Perspex tiers for hire and these fit a top cake - these are $30 hire and a refundable bond of $150. We are also able to deliver to various locations around Brisbane - cost depends on the distance.

If you are unsure of how much something will cost please don't hesitate to ask! We are always happy to answer any questions that you might have because at The Cupcake Parlour we like to do everything to keep the bride & groom happy! So whether it is colour coordinating your cupcake tree to your bridesmaids' dresses or your own personal ideas that you never thought could be possible, were on it!

If you have any further questions or would like to meet with our 'Manager of Events & Bridezillas'  - to discuss your ideas, please do not hesitate in contacting us via email or on 3844 4554..

Birthday Cupcakes

Do you have a birthday around the corner?

birthdayThe Cupcake Parlour loves to celebrate birthdays. Young or old there is no age limit...only requirement is you may need teeth! Ask yourself are you having a superman party or is it your big 50...yes well we can help you! We are fantastic party goers not to mention make a mean cupcake. Whether it's a classic vanilla or choc mousse royale, we will whip up any colours, flavours, sprinkles & toppers you could possibly desire. The sky is the limit so get creative or make it Simple Sally.

We are always happy to oblige when it comes to designing you precisely the right cupcake to compliment your individual style whether it's a party for 500 or you want to give someone a surprise, we can make it happen. But hey, we know the world of cupcaking can be a baffling one so for any questions, quickly pick up the phone and contact us now!

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We do big cakes, novelty cakes and wedding cakes too!

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